from the sixteenth century in the heart of Apulia. Its name is Masseria San Francesco, characterized by the presence of an grand fortified tower. Our building is in this context, just a few steps from the manor farm. From this privileged place the view widens and the look is filled with landscapes. From the Lower Murgia to the coast, from Fasano to Monopoli, in alternating rocks and sandy beaches. The structure, inhabited until some time ago, preserves all its peculiarities and the typical surroundings of a rural life. From here, in the territory between Contrada Coccaro and Contrada Carbonelli, we're very close to the coast. In a handful of miles you will find yourself at the sea, crossing a path surrounded by nature, lush with olive and carob trees. You will have the chance to dive in the past, to discover the ancient traditions, to harvest the fruits from the tree while enjoying the most authentic taste. As life continues to flow, adding another piece of history to the one already written, tradition is renewed, nourishing small gestures, beautiful in its extraordinary everyday life.